Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Inside Martin's Mancave

Like blogging, podcasting is part new media. Both considered part of the digital or internet platform. Podcasting is similar to radio broadcast but the difference is you can listen to it again. I admit that I also participate in podcasting with a couple of fellow movie bloggers after a movie together as if we have our own amateur talk show inside a car with a mobile phone as a recording device and it was fun.

Working a longtime for local TV news, Martin Andanar is passionate about delivering his own beat in a new level and found out podcasting as a solution. He set up a room at his place, made it nearly soundproofed and set up some technical recording equipment with microphones and Martin's Mancave was born.

For Martin's case, what makes podcasting an essential tool in communication was there are lots of stories, beat materials out there that goes unpublished or not yet broadcasts due to the limitations of slots in print columns or aired broadcasts in traditional media. But the best part of this the liberty to deliver information with substance without any executive producer or station manager making revisions of what do you wish the public should know.

In a span of one year of podcasting, he already invited various personalities including former president Fidel Ramos and Lani Misalucha. Recently, Martin is doing a series of interviews of presidential candidates. So far, Vice President Binay and Mayor Duterte were able to guest in the show.

He now juggles his time at the network he's connected and the Mancave. He also invited his colleagues to join him. Benjie Felipe is doing a show about dreams and horoscope. Benjie is also part of the ghost hunting podcast with Deah Ricacho. Jun Sabayton also joins them for the adult-oriented show called Dear Bayaw. This made them the first institution of podcasting in the Philippines.

Since Podcast.Ph continues to grow, Martin turned his garage in a second podcast room. Even his daughter Alexa podcasts about high school life. During my visit there, Martin told me that it also podcasting also helps to spread the message to the netizens but also to the Pinoys abroad so they will be updated on what is happening in the country of birth.
The podcasters and bloggers

Martin also told me that there is no actual script for the podcast. He only have an outline but when conversing with a guest, it's anything goes. After orienting and tour at Podcast.Ph, we got to talk about our country's conspiracies, politics, history, ghosts and we didn't realize it was already past nine in the evening. If only we have more time to talk. It would be cool if they used our discussion for their next material.

You can listen to Martin's Mancave via http://www.podcast.ph/ or download it free on Soundcloud or iTunes. For more updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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