Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Manhunt For Joel Lambert Is On...Discovery Channel

I've known Discovery Channel as an educational and documentary cable channel. Now, it is the first time I've seen the channel does reality type show on television. But the reality show is quite different from the usual reality show you are probably familiar with.
Joel Lambert
Discovery Channel new series Manhunt is like a simulation of an actual manhunt. If you are familiar with the Bourne movies, it is similar to that. The target is Joel Lambert. Former Navy SEAL(Sea, Air, Land) gives a chase with the world's elite forces.
Instead of the pilot episode, we skipped 5 episodes for an episode in the Philippines were Lambert takes on our very own Scout Rangers in Zambales. The mission is simple. The Scout Rangers will track down Lambert before he reach his extraction point.
Although Lambert is experienced in extracting missions, he works alone and the 14 Scout Rangers are expert trackers. Although retired, Lambert trains recruits for these kind of missions. Lambert shares what makes it difficult for him for doing this show was to move with a camera man on the duration of the episodes. The same is also said by the Scout Rangers. It was their first time to do tracking with a camera man with them on an extreme environment.
Lambert with the Philippines Scout Rangers
Manhunt premieres 2000hrs April 7. The Philippine episode is the sixth. For new TV shows, like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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