Friday, October 11, 2013

Marites Allen Annual Feng Shui Road Show Manila

Online media release and event photos

The Marites Allen Annual Feng Shui Updates, the largest feng shui event in the country, is set for Saturday, December 7, 2013 at the Infinity Ballroom of F1 Hotel Manila, BGC, Taguig City. This will mark the commencement of a series of talks conducted by international feng shui expert Marites Allen on how to benefit from the opportunities in the Year of the Wood Horse, which will start on January 31, 2014. It will also feature a wide selection of feng shui charms and enhancers that are meant to boost opportunities in many aspects of daily living, such as career, health, love and relationships and business. 

            In her December 7 updates, Marites will discuss how one can take advantage of the positive outlook in 2014, and how to counter the afflictions that could affect one’s chances for success. She will also talk about the personal forecasts for each of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, as well as the general outlook in 2014 for various businesses and industries. 

            Similar to her previous visits to Metro Manila in preparation for the Chinese New Year, the London-based feng shui expert will be guesting in several radio and TV programs, and will go on a mall tour to share her forecasts for the Year of the Wood Horse. Her breadth of experience and knowledge in the disciplines of feng shui make her a much sought-after speaker on feng shui. During the Chinese New year season, Marites will also be updating the feng shui of offices and residences of well-known personalities in the business, entertainment, and government fields.

            After her Manila tour, Marites will be conducting similar events in Tokyo (11 and 12 January 2014), Paris (8 February 2014) and later in other European and US cities. 

            A limited number of tickets for the December convention are now available at all World of Feng Shui Philippines boutiques in Metro Manila or at F1 Hotel. Alternatively, please call 0920 9509390 / 0917 8522983 / 4420113 / 5560615   for details, or visit for more about Marites Allen and feng shui.

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