Sunday, October 6, 2013

Closer stages at White Space

I first watched Closer when my sister rented the VCD copy. I was disturbed after watching it. But it made me realize why I am disturbed because of the complicated relationship among these four characters. Because I saw a reality and complexities of having a relationship.

Photo courtesy of Red Turnip Theater
It made me see myself as one of the characters. And now, I am writing about the stage play production of the same name which the movie was based on. What made it different from watching it on screen was that it not set on a traditional theater but in an open area in White Space.
Never did I imagine that White Space can also be set up as for theater. Unlike the usual stage and audience set up, the play engages the audience really closer. It was as if you are observing the actors right in front of you and as if they never realized they were being watched on.
If you haven't seen the movie, it is alright. But be warned, pay close attention on the details on each sequences and scenes or you might get confuse. It is not done in progression. The next scene might not be the outcome of previous one. Closer stages at White Space from October 4 to 27 at 9PM on weekdays, Saturdays at 3PM and 8PM except on October 12(no show) and Sunday on 3PM with 8PM on last two Sundays.
Closer is written by Patrick Marber. Directed by Ana Abad Santos. Cast: Bart Guingona as Larry, Cris Villonco as Alice, Mark Abaya as Dan and Angel Aquino as Anna. This stage play is a production of Red Turnip Theater.

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