Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yocal.PH Online Launched At SMX

There are already a couple of buy and sell online sites that made advertising more easier but sometime, the sellers didn't pass the buyers' expectations and ends up looking for another one. This is were Yocal.Ph comes in.

During the PISM Supplylink 2013 opening day at SMX, Yocal.Ph had a booth so the public will hear about what is Yocal can offer to entrepreneurs. Although I browsed their site before seeing their booth, I still watched their video presentation to know more about Yocal.Ph .

I was introduced to Ms. Jude Hugo, Project Manager for Yocal.Ph, and she oriented me about how they operate.Yocal.Ph evolved from another site called Red Pages. Last year when they are changing the site, they transferred the database contacts to Red Pages to Yocal.Ph so the time invested will not go to waste. Eventually, they just continued what they started in a new format.

Ms.Jude told me that unlike the selling sites, Yocal.Ph is site that deals business-to-business. She explains that after registering to the site, you have the option to post what you need from suppliers or tell your costumers what can you provide.

Ms. Jude adds that the purpose of signing up to the site is just for increasing the online population but to screen the businesses registered. This way, they will find out if the business is legitimate and not a bogus seller.
Yocal.Ph booth at SMX Convention Center

In a way, Yocal.Ph is a matching site using almost the same platform like a social network. With its screening process of the business sellers, buyers won't have any problem looking for the right supplier at Yocal.Ph . This is what you expect in the site. For example purpose only, let's say I am starting my own hotel business. I will need contractors to supply materials to build a hotel at the right price. Yocal.Ph will match my buying request to the right supplier.
PSIM awards Yocal.Ph for their booth presentation

Either, I will contact the supplier or the supplier will contact me and sends me the proposal. When negotiation occurs, this is the part were Yocal.Ph leaves. Ms. Jude says that Yocal.Ph only matches the buyers and the suppliers. They leave the negotiation part just between them. Ms. Jude points out that Yocal.Ph is an online directory and not a buy and sell site.
Yocal.Ph's video presentation showing a buyer and a supplier

Yocal.Ph does not come free like any online store site. They also have a package deals especially for suppliers registered to them. Yocal.Ph will surely be the best marketing tool. To register, sign up at .

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