Friday, March 15, 2013

L.E.N.S. Blog Posts

In my duration of blogging, I was able to create few more blogs for specific posts. Specific topics which includes movies, music, food, hobbies, and soon, travel. With this site as my flagship blog, I will back link some interesting posts from those other blogs here from time to time starting with this one.

During the opening day of WorldBex 2013, an exhibit event about building suppliers; I was invited by Mariwasa to visit their booth. They provided product demonstrations and more.

In movies, I was able to see Jack The Giant Slayer. Here's my review. Another fantasy related movie was Oz, which I will soon publish a review. Here are some facts about Oz.

I was able to do a food review recently which I haven't done in quite a while. I was able to have a fine dining in a Thai cuisine called Koh Samui.

In the music scene, CCP is having the Metropolitan Opera here. Here are the details of this event.

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