Friday, May 18, 2012

Diablo 3 Now Available In Stores

After announcing the preorder of Diablo 3, players can now claim their original installers from the designated retail partners where they made the arrangement. One of the privileges of preordering is the discount.

During the Domination 6 a month earlier, a hands on demo was provided for those who attended. Giving only 30 minutes to try it out. During that demo, I discovered there are new characters like the monk, demon assassin, and the witch doctor but there were some characters who are no longer in D3. Of course, the barbarian is still part of the game. E-Games said that they are handling the local distribution of the D3 but it doesn't mean that they are the exclusive distributor. They are just providing the needs of their client computer shops.

Original Diablo 3 installers are available at any Datablitz branch or other retail partners: iTech, Brochiere, PCHub, PCQuest, and Digital Hub.

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