Monday, January 31, 2011

EA Arena with Dead Space 2 Launch

I was invited to try out the newest games of Electronic Arts Games (EA Games) at the EA Arena held at Cyberzone, SM City North EDSA. Upon arrival, I signed up for the event and was oriented that I will be given 15 minutes per turn of each game. Since I like shooter games, I started with Dead Space 2 in Playstation 3.  A game sequel, it was considered the best horror-shooter game so far. After logging in at the person in charge, I found out that the game was already in the middle of the story and I suffered badly because it was already hard since it was my first hands-on for Dead Space 2. The perspective of the player is in 3rd person view. What makes it difficult for me is that I need to get used to the camera movements of which the player changes view but it was very smooth but violently graphic. Most of the time, I would rather use my player’s fists than use the weapon. Since it was in story mode and there were only one game pad, there was no multiplayer mode. I never got to try it in Xbox yet.
Dead Space 2 in Playstion 3

After Dead Space 2, the next game I tried was NBA Jam in Nintendo Wii. It was my first time to play in Wii. It was new to me that you have to swing the controls to shoot the ball. But I enjoyed it better than Dead Space 2. The last game I tried was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It’s also like a racing game but in a police chase. You get to choose whether you’re police or a fugitive. You get to play using your keyboard or game pad but it was easier using the game pad than the keyboard.
NBA Jam in Wii
As a gamer, I like EA Games because I play Command and Conquer series. Although it was more of strategy game, I still like to broaden my gaming interests in other games as well and this is a good start. As for Dead Space 2, it was launched earlier this month and it is now available here in Xbox and Playstation 3. Dead Space 2 is now available at Datablitz outlets for only P1895.00

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