Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Day at the Maybank Arts Center Festival

When I was invited by the PR Mr. Toots Tolentino for the BGC Arts Center Festival, I never realized that there is a venue that will staged productions in the business district of Taguig. I am about to learn more than and not just from watching theatrical productions of this event. After having a delicious light lunch at McCafe which is the only business establishment in the building premises, I began touring the facilities.

Maybank Performing Arts Center and Alveo Central Plaza

Maybank Performing Arts Center is a venue that can cater all seven art forms. The purpose of the Arts Center is to promote the Filipino performance arts accessible to the public make a contribution to the community just like The Mind Museum which was made possible by Bonifacio Foundation.
Kinetic Sculpture

The Maybank Arts Center has multi-purpose areas that can adjust the arrangement of the facilities. Maybank is the primary donor which is why it was named after. It is very flexible in stage design and can adjust the seating capacity depending on the production. This is a good thing because it can make the stage and theater experience more engaging and memorable.
Sun Life Amphitheater

Just looking at the building, you can already see that it is a work of art with its non-traditional structure. The Alveo Central Plaza is park in front of the building is also a work of art. There is a kinetic sculpture that simply describes all forms of art. The Sun Life Amphitheater is also located in the park can also be good for outdoor performances. There is also an Art Market in the park area.
Globe Auditorium

Inside the building, I was ushered to the Globe Auditorium. It is also a multipurpose area. It can adjust the stage for the specifications of the production and the seats can also be adjusted. It has the maximum capacity of 500 and has three levels. This is the biggest theatrical facility the Maybank Arts Center has to offer.
Happiness Is A Pearl cast(seated) with director, composer and author.

Since there is no show scheduled yet in the Globe Auditorium, I was led to the Zobel de Ayala Recital Hall. It is a smaller venue with no traditional stage and the audience is sitting on individual chairs that can be arranged accordingly. It is good for experimental theater productions. Speaking of experimental theater, I was able to watch Happiness Is A Pearl by Rody Vera again in this venue. I watched it first in The Little Room Upstairs which is a cramped venue but it was also intimate. I enjoyed watching it again in a bigger area since some of the play has sequences with a tango.

May Arts Center is truly a good venue to watch performances and stage productions and I believe with its advocacy that it should be not be limited to the class A audience but to all walks of life that can appreciate it. This will help championing the Filipino arts scene.

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