Friday, December 23, 2016

Who Do I Want To Thank This Christmas Season?

Who do I want to thank for this Christmas? My blogger friend JR. Exactly a year ago, she was offered a job but it was in Quezon City and it’s too far for her. She passed the offer to me and I applied and started the next month. It was a good opportunity since it was content writing for an advertising agency

What I didn’t realize that I was going to write for a client who happens to be a presidential candidate during the last election. After the elections, my next project was for a dashboard camera brand. This opportunity doesn’t happen every day but I should be thankful that I have a job and I hope it will prosper next year because I also met new contacts.

I already thank JR for this but it is also something good to blog because this is my big highlight for 2016 and I owe it to her. Thank you, JR. I was compelled to blog about this when I saw the advertising campaign of AirAsia.  Check out this video and you might also do the same.

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