Thursday, July 7, 2016

Suicide Incorporated stage play review

Suicide Incorporated is a controversial play written by Andrew Hinderaker about a company called Legacy Letters. It may sound nice but it is a company that helps their clients composed suicide letters to whomever they want to send it to.

It’s controversial because it is one of the oldest social problems in the society and still people are silent about it. The play expounds on how people deal with suicide whether you are the person with suicidal intent and how it affect the people around the person concerned.

It also deals with the ethical issues on getting involve if you know someone who is going to commit suicide and what should you do. Should you be silent about it or should you intervene? You may find it disturbing that there is such company like Legacy Letters but what if there is such one? Are you going to say that a person who owns such company is a bad person?

The director and actors at Twin Bill Theater consulted expert counsellors who specializes in suicide cases to help them internalize what goes on with the minds of people not just for the person with suicidal tendencies but able to see visualize the scenario for the play.

The play should not be limited to the show dates. It may also be presented in schools, churches or any institutions where it is relevant.  For the set, it is also flexible. It has minimal props and can be set up in any area. It is not like any theatre production because it does not require a stage. It makes it more immersed with the audience.

Suicide Incorporated was staged at Performing Arts Recreation Center in San Juan City. For more theatrical reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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