Sunday, March 6, 2016

Find Where Your Strength Lies with StrengthsCoach.PH

In the internet, you can find almost anything. In social networks, it is normal to see people share their results of the test they took. There are many online tests. Most are legit but there are also lots that are not. But regardless of which kind, the relevant question is how these tests made a difference on you.
L-R: StrengthsCoach.PH founders Ryan Salvanera, Andrea Goseco, and Alex Wollboldt.

The results that you usually take are just being set by the website's application but it will not help you discuss further. Unlike these sites, discussing the results still requires evaluating and consulting with the experts.

In StrengthsCoach.PH, there are programs to choose from that can give you an idea how to find your strength as a individual but will also help your efforts to strengthen people within your influence. If you are a team leader of your office of operations, it will not just help you work out your strengths, you will also help your team bring the best out of them.

All you need to do is to enlist in any program that can be suitable to you. The team of coaches at StrengthsCoach.Ph are certified Gallup strength finders. If you must ask what on earth is Gallup, it refers to George Gallup, founder of a management-performance company that specializes with these programs. You can be assured that the coaches here in the Philippines are qualified for it.

If you are wondering, this is not those public seminars that you are spending much because of an international bestselling author makes an visit to a country for a limited time. These sessions are done on one-on-one basis. The ideal atmosphere is your office that requires at least minimal interruptions and it will not take you far from your working atmosphere. Their approach is more conversational or informal like the one we had while having lunch. But in that simple conversation, it will be assuring that it will lead to good results.

The sessions is not only applicable in the work atmosphere but also in different institutions like churches, organizations, etc. More details about StrengthsCoach.PH at their website I linked in this post or contact them directly at +63-918-945-3778. For more features and updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Blogger's note: StrengthsCoach.PH co-founder Alex Araneta was not available when the photo was taken.

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