Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Call For Petition Against Age Discrimination In The Workplace

It is a reality that it is hard to get a job especially here in the Philippines. But it is a depressing reality that most don't get jobs either they are too old or too young. Most of the time it is about being too old. I admit that I can be one of those who are old enough not because I like being a freelance.
But experience has more worth than age. Most of the time, the companies prefer age because they don't need quality work force because they can train the newly blinded graduate because he/she may not have work experience. The problem here is the company is not getting what it invested on by hiring a potential incompetent employee.
The newly graduates still needs job experience but there are good jobs for them and experienced people should get what the jobs they deserve not because of how they aged. It is only in this country so far I know that has this age restrictions but we can change that. There is an ongoing petition online about this so if you feel it is necessary, feel free to sign up.
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