Friday, April 19, 2013

HIN2 Manila is here!

Most conventions and exhibits now has one thing in common. Each booth has at least one hot, sexy girl that does most of the manning in events. Not to sound gender sensitive, but this is sometimes what it takes to get attention in marketing. Especially if you are promoting hard to sell products in real estate business, insurance and automobiles. This all started with car shows.
Media launch.The event organizers and the babes.

We can never understand what the fascination between girls and fast cars. American movies often gives a scenario that a guy who drives a muscle car and suddenly gets surrounded by girls. One best movie example of this is from The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift where Han drifts his car around a girl's car  and gives him her contact number.
Mustang GT350

This is what car shows really about. Bumper 2 Bumper Car Show or B2B is bringing back Hot Import Nights or HIN Manila. It is not like any car showcase to promoting or selling. |There's owners showing off their cars, music, party, and babes, and more babes. "This will really put a show in a car show" says Mike Munar, one of HIN's organizers.
Event organizers Mr. Wayne Raqueno and Mr. Mike Munar

I mentioned babes, didn't I? This will surely be a treat because we are not only having booth babes from the local scene but also abroad. Jeri Lee is not only known here but also internationally. Joining her for HIN are Dannie Riel, Nicole Duminie and Eva Skye. Ms. Skye is from Taiwan and Ms. Duminie is from the U.S. and they're both visiting the Philippines for the first time.
Fast & Furious 6 promotional advertisement courtesy of Solar Entertainment Corp.

Speaking also about The Fast and The Furious coincidentally that the movie sequel, Fast 6, is going to be shown in couple of weeks and this is a very good time follow suit after Dom Torreto (Vin Diesel) in HIN Manila.

Organizers, event sponsors and the babes.
HIN Manila starts April 20 at the World Trade Center and will end the next day. The party will start around 7 or 8PM on the opening day. It may be hot summer but it will surely be a hotter night to party. HIN2 Manila is brought to you by B2B, GBX, Von Dutch, Monster Energy Drink and Solar Entertainment Corporation. Thanks to GBX for the media invite.

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