Friday, March 9, 2012

World Glaucoma Week

I only knew glaucoma as one of the condition that got my late grandmother operated years ago. It was only until the event that I attended last March 7 at Shangri-la Hotel Makati that I was able to know and aware that there is more to glaucoma than meets the eye.

The bad news is that it can't be avoided. There's no surgery to cure it but it can be remedied by laser treatment. According to the panel of ophthalmologists, it could be hereditary. If it is inherited or there's a family history of glaucoma, a family member should be aware what age when the glaucoma started. You can only know it's glaucoma when it only started.

There are many kinds of glaucoma. as well as causes. One cause is from people who already have a history of glaucoma. As I mentioned, it can also be inherited. Glaucoma does not regard race or gender but it is common to the elderly.

On March 12 - 16, 2012, World Glaucoma Day is being observed. Even though it happens in a week, the campaign of glaucoma awareness should not stop. As their campaign line says, "Don't let glaucoma darken your life". The optic nerves are responsible to transmit what we see to our brains. When it is damaged, the vision will decrease slowly. If you have signs of blurry vision and eye pain, start seeing your ophthalmologist. Have your eyes screen as early as possible.

There are some facts that we should be aware. Diabetes is also a risk factor for glaucoma, hypertension increases eye pressure. To avoid these risks, healthy diet, exercise and nourishment still helps. Less smoking also helps avoid risks. The higher the age, the higher the risks when it starts developing. When it occurs, it becomes permanent and irreversible.

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